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KRM AS (Resourcecenter for rotating machinery) is a leading provider of specialized courses in the areas of rolling bearings, hydraulics, lubrication technology, electrical, pump technology, air, preventive maintenance and automation technology.

We can offer you both external and internal training courses tailored to your needs.

Together with NKI Nettstudier, we have developed an education, Hydraulikkfagskolen, which can lead to the title "Fagtekniker hydraulics" This study is the first of its kind in Norway, and satisfies the requirements of CETOP-2.

Most of our course participants have both education and work experience from before, and we ensure that the level of the courses are relative to the skills you have. Nordic participants can use our online skills test. You who are English speakers can make a short description of your education and work experience, and send us on email, so we consider this against what your course should be laid up for you.

Several of the courses run in English, For more information about our courses and what we can do for you, please contact us by mail or call directly to our course coordinator on this number: +47 67 90 40 00